Glowforge QRcodes

I know this isn’t “PC”, but does anyone have a high res scans of all the proofgrade QRcodes, would be really useful just to be able to ascertain the settings that GF use and be able to modified for unspecified materials.

Happy to host somewhere if some has them

You can simply select the desired PG setting and then switch to manual to see the settings. That’s often a great place to start when testing new materials.


Exactly. The settings aren’t in the QR code, it’s just a label that maps back to the settings stored in the cloud, that you can access by manually selecting your material.

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You can usually read the QR code with a cell phone. Many phones have the code recognition S/W built into the camera app. It will return a GF specific code that includes no settings information.

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How do you select proof grade materials? Not all are present in the list I’m given

There is a search function in the drop down dialog box for materials.

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Yeah got it and how do I see the settings, just click the arrow on the right? Though they look like they reset when you do that?

Honestly the amount of effort to try to reverse engineer all this is much more than just using a solid test routine.

A material test for cutting will take only a couple minutes, and engraving is so complex and subjective that in my eyes there’s no such thing as a “right” setting.

I just posted a proper write up of how I test. Might be worth trying if you haven’t?

I think you’ll find that materials vary so much that it’s just faster and easier to test them as you go.


The settings themselves don’t change after you open the setting details unless you actually make a change to them.

They don’t change, but the actual speed and power are displayed in the left side column where it used to say “Cut”, “Engrave”, or “Score”…


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