Glowforge Reviews on the home page

Just wondering if any other owners have left a review on the Glowforge home page?

I left one on January 28th and made sure to click on the follow-up email meant to verify my review, but it still has not posted. At first I thought maybe it just takes a few weeks and I needed to be patient, but now I see there is one up on the site posted on the 31st.

I know their review system is powered by, so I tried to go take a look at their site to gain some insight, but it didn’t seem too helpful - just that maybe it is at Glowforge moderators discretion on which reviews get posted and which ones don’t?

Thank you so much for the review, @imitating! Would you mind sending an email to referencing this post and letting us know the email address you used to verify? I will figure out what happened.



Just for those who may be running into the same issue as I did, I finally got a response today: “…is for reviews of the Glowforge printer itself, and not of our Proofgrade materials, Compact Filter, Air Filters, designs, or anything else.” So be careful what you post, or it may not get posted. :grin:


Well, that’s good to know…cause I didn’t know that either. Thanks for passing on the info. :slightly_smiling_face:

Right? I hope they update their review page requirements so others don’t run into that. :slight_smile:

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