Glowforge Reviews on YouTube?

Greetings all!

As I anticipate the arrival of my own Glowforge, I’ve been curious why I’ve seen almost no product reviews on YouTube from owners who have theirs.

I know there are a handful of videos showing unboxings, some projects, etc, but I expected to see a number of full product reviews by now - especially considering how popular that type of video is.

Do you think that’s because the number of GFs in the wild is still relatively low and those who would tend to enjoy making those types of videos haven’t gotten theirs yet?

I am definitely going to make a couple of videos when I receive mine (i.e. “1 Week Impressions” and later a full review).

Obviously creating review videos isn’t everyone’s thing, but what are your thoughts on why so few if any are out there yet?


Too busy making things with it! ROFL! :smile:

Kidding. I actually have a couple of short demos of builds in use on Youtube, but the whole “shoot a video of it and put it out there for the world to see” isn’t really my thing, and I prefer to wait until they finish up some of the missing functionality before reviewing it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love to do a review as I have no experience with lasers and it’d be nice to watch one from that perspective. It takes alot of energy and time for a proper one that gives value to the audience and how life is right now, I barely have the energy to comb my hair. A review is easy. A informed review if value is so hard. I need my last box to arrive so I can decide if I want to do a video


For me it’s simply "creating review videos isn’t my thing."
I leave that to the folks at Tested. So they did. :slight_smile:

Of course, that was a year ago, so a lot has changed.


Thinking its mostly because its still in beta, there is a lot missing still, Its a great machine and will hopefully get better.


Hash! Totally understood.

As you probably know, it’s extremely helpful to hear from many different people and perspectives when looking at an item, so the goal wouldn’t ever to be to have only one person or company review something. Different approaches, personalities, etc really appeal to different people.

I have worked with a YouTube channel that does tutorials and reviews for a few years and really enjoy that kind of thing, so I’m looking forward to tackling it when I get mine.

Positive, negative, neutral or mixed - I know each additional review will help others make informed buying decisions.


That many indeed be the case for why there are so few review videos. However, since the company is actively promoting it, it would be helpful to potential buyers to know where it stands right now.

Appreciate your thoughts!

I really appreciate product reviews from that perspective as well since many will be first timers.

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Other than unboxing videos personally don’t think anyone should review it until they have had it about a month. It is different enough from other laser cutters there would be a natural tendency to report operation bias versus what a new buyer really needs, a performance review. The same thing if I were to switch from Windows to Apple products. My first week would be swearing at the Apple produced machine and throwing things across the room because it is completely different. Doesn’t mean it’s not comparable or even better, just different. The review after a month of use would be very different.


Valuable perspective - thank you!

When looking through all kinds of review videos on YT, it’s clear that not everyone sees it that way and many people value first impression videos in addition to longer term insights. First impression videos can also be thoughtfully made to include the concession that not all things are known or understood. My videos will likely take approach.

I also know that many people enjoy experiencing a journey with a product through someone else because they like the immediacy of the impressions.

Not trying to convince - just sharing my thoughts as they come.

I appreciate yours. Thank you for sharing them!


The only reason I phrased it that way was because of how the different types of comments have been flooding Problems and Support.

If the intent of the video is to show how a person can use the GF straight out of the box without laser experience or transition from one laser to this one then the video has merit. It will show the ease of doing somethings and the difficulty in doing things that are not intuitively obvious. Especially without detailed company produced documentation.

If the intent of the video is to show how well the GF compares against other laser cutters or to show how well it stands up to it’s own specifications then I don’t think I could have done that until I had about a month of experience. Have had a PRU for 8 months now. But because it is a PRU with a hybrid Basic build and Pro tube a review would, in the performance areas, be apples and oranges.


It’s at least 10 times more work to make a review than an unboxing video or a demonstration. I’ll jump on the bandwagon of “I’d love to do one… eventually.”

In the meantime, there are certainly a handful of us who are set up to record things with relatively little ceremony, so if there’s some particular aspect of the machine you want more details about, just ask for it and I expect it will be supplied.


I appreciate that! So many of you have invested much in this group and I’m grateful.

I am not personally looking for info - I’m more interested in product reviews done by those who have the product for those who have yet to buy. I’ve worked with a YT channel that has over 400 videos, so I’m very painfully familiar with how long a good video can take. Definitely not something that can be produced quickly.

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Newer Glowforge talk from Tested… (only 2 minutes, starts at 1:30:00)

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I have thought about this, especially as I watch Maker’s Muse and Tom Sanladerer review 3D printers and filament. My absolute lack of a context of making videos and using lasers and totally enthusiast and not professional take on things made me fairly hesitant about doing a review. I really wanted to do one some where along the line just to help put perspective out there for people. There just wasn’t and still isn’t much. Could have quit my day job and been the only full time Glowforge video YouTube jockey. The track was quite empty. Kind of sad that I had such an amazing opportunity but just couldn’t devote the time and money to building out a system to do the project justice.

I think some more live demos would have been great and still would be. This year my work life has entered into a big shift as some major projects that were in planning stage are now going live and I just don’t have the mental space nor time to do the videos. Would like to. They are sorely needed.

Wish @JeremyNielsen would have gotten one.