Glowforge shipments tracking


I got the Glowforge “Would you like your Glowforge now?” email about two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve received my first package with the proofgrade materials. The email says it may take up to six weeks for the glowforge itself to arrive, but no shipping confirmation has been received yet.

I thought maybe if people could report when they ordered/when they received, we can have a general idea of where they are in the queue. So here’s my one data point:

Purchase confirmation: 9/27/15 (basic+air filter)
“Would you like” email: 8/21/17
Proofgrade shipping email: 8/28/17


If you setup the MyChoice UPS account, you can see if it is route and UPS estimated delivery date.


Here’s 394 more. :slight_smile:


I received my shipment email at midnight Thursday/Friday of last week, but it does not show up in UPS MyChoice, nor does the tracking number give me any update since last week. I’ve submitted a question to support.


As I recall, mine was exactly 2 weeks from “YES!” to my door.


At the moment they seem to be trending longer than that, at least for Basics… latest report was 19 days from “Do You Want” to tracking numbers.


Oh, nice. Based on this, I would estimate a shipping notice around the end of the week. Here’s hoping.


I got the “golden email” about 13 days ago, and the shipping notification yesterday. UPS still has not estimated the delivery date, but I think it will take at least 5 days to get to New York state.


I finally received an update from UPS last night. I received my shipping notice at midnight on the 1st/2nd, and just received an estimated delivery time last night; scheduled for Monday the 11th. So, 10 days to PA from shipping notice to receipt; but I won’t be home, so it will have to be delayed until the 15th.


So you got a tracking number for your Glowforge a week ago but the package didn’t actually ship until a few days after that, or it’s actually taking 10 days to get from CA to PA? UPS ground should only take 5-6 days, tops. Perhaps they’re creating shipping labels days before they’re actually ready to give the unit to UPS now?


I just got the estimate…it’s supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. So 6 days from CA to NY.


It’s really bizarre. I don’t think the shipping issue that I have seen is because of the GF team. I think it’s UPS. The tracking info doesn’t make any sense. I’ve had UPS MyChoice for years, I receive a couple of hundred packages every year, and I’ve never seen this before. It shows the order processed and ready for pickup 5 days after the Origin Scan.


And, now both packages have been updated to be delivered tomorrow instead of Monday. Of course they’re scheduled to be delivered before my flight lands tomorrow, so I have to try to convince my wife to be home early tomorrow.


The package was picked up on Friday Sept 1 by UPS. However, the shipper apparently did not run “end of day” (for whatever reason) to close out the batch until yesterday.


Same here - and we’re leaving tomorrow night and going out of town for the weekend. Maybe I’ll be able to leave work early so I can at least get it set up and maybe make the ruler before we head out.