Glowforge Sleepover Program :D


Can I just say that the Glowforge Sleepover Program makes me extremely excited!! I don’t live anywhere near there or anything but just the idea of it makes me giddy!


I’m trying real hard not to crack a joke, something along the lines of needing to get new jammies. Someone, hold me back!


Careful. Not entirely sure but I’m thinking she owns the list indicating purchase order. Pretty easy to add a zero or two.

Edit:Guess I’ve got to start using Emojis. Lest I be taken seriously.


Well, it was a total compliment, so maybe she can remove a zero or two instead? :innocent:


She’s intelligent and adorable and I’d hate to offend her because


Hhhmm…never knew anyone who is offended by their presence being appreciated…


Well, this didn’t go where I expected it to go lololol.


To get back on track, how great would be to live in the area and have the opportunity to spend an evening with a glowforge and any of their employees!


Would be like a dream come true. GF should do a Seattle VIP trip giveaway. Haha! Dinner and a laser time with Dan. Lol

(I don’t actually really want this as it would take away from their work. Haha)


I could save them some money the room that will house my Glowforge also has a murphy bed. :laughing:
And I’m open to having other “glowfolk” visit. I know Sawa isn’t far away. Oddly I’ve been to his house but never met him. There’s gotta be more of us here in Minnesota.


It just needs to be a trip to one of the shows they are going to be at.


Dude… We should open a chain of Glowforge AirBnbs :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just above you in Winnipeg and do a few trips to the states a year!


How about Glowforge Tupperware parties? :grin: I highly doubt MLM is in the GF business model, but invite the friends over, put out the sample materials and sign 'em up.


Ohh!! Glowforge pyramid schemes! I likey!


Again! Should be able to like things multiple times.:heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart::heart_decoration::clap:


Haha, I can open the Canadian branch. :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy: To Good! Love the pic!


Some people light up their surroundings by their mere proximity, and Bailey qualifies!
My wife has that kind of smile, like a flower that bursts open.
Sorry @bailey, my guess is that attention makes you squirm, we don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, just acknowledging your natural radience! Just sayin’. (Please don’t send me to the back of the line)

We have a respectable tech community here in Denver, and I think a 'forge at a maker event would generate considerable excitement, but really that’s true of anywhere you would publicly fire up a Glowforge!


Ahem. Central branch. I call dibs on the mountain/ foothills region. :smiley: