Glowforge Specific Fusion 360 Training - Start of Live Webinar Series

These will seriously depreciate my writen tutorials but they will also make them better as I’ll lift anything good for them in a hurry! :wink:


Thank you for sharing your time and expertise. I will be watching!

Holy crap this is so awesome!! Thank you so much!! I’ve started using fusion for all my CAD design and I can’t wait to pick up some tricks from a pro

This sounds really cool. Is it going to be published to the autodesk YouTube after it happens if people can’t make it at the specified time?

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Thanks much for this thread. I have been using F360 to design large scale RC jets. Only thing I don’t like about F360 is the file export types. From what I have found it seems that I can only export PDF files in the document section that work with GF. Even this is not that pleasant to use for the Glowforge.

I would like to be able to make individual placement of the images in the doc section to better optimize material use. Yes, I can export each part in PDF then place them into the GF layout interface. Unfortunately, the F360 PDF files are not grouped so sometimes it is very difficult to layout images in the GF .

Do you know of a better way or am I in the ball park. I would love to see F360 allow the export of vector files directly by selecting a 3D object then tell it to export without going through the document module. If one could export a vector the same way that F360 exports STL files would be amazing.

My work flow so far is… F360 Document module, export PDF, then either drop that PDF directly into the GF work space which then cuts everything at once because the PDF does not have any color for controlling cut priority and file is ungrouped. Or, I import the PDF into my vector app then color the cut priority, group the file then export out then place into the GF interface.

Do you have any ideas on making this simpler.



I agree, I’m a big F360 fan but this is a place where it is lacking.

Yup, I mostly export dfx one face at a time as I am usualy expermenting and iterating but I’ve used the document section and PDF as well.
The key is to have Inkscape installed and on hot standby. I’m not that good at using it as the drawing tool it is meant to be but it shines for changing some colors and then saving in another file format. It will import both the dfx and pdf files and then export svg or pdf for use in the :glowforge:. If you want to make pdf for production work do your layout work in F360 and then open in Inkscape and group everything. This will save you many a headache!

It is posted elsewhere on the form but if you are handleing kerf compensation directly in F360 there is a plug in for the Shaper Origin that will outupt SVG files directly from the modeling section of F360.



Thanks for the input. My vector app is Intaglio on the Mac. Unfortunately it does not handle DXF. I have hundreds of design files with this App so difficult to switch. However, I think that I’ll give Inkscape another try seeing that it handles DXF and SVG better than Intaglio.

I usually import the F360 PDF into my app then color the cut order then group and export back to PDF. Then into GF,

Do you know if the GF UI does some kind of group objects. Most other commands seem to be hidden and was hoping it did. its a pain when you import several small objects and cannot group within the user interface.

Thanks Jim

I don’t think it does (if I’m wrong someone will be along shortly to correct me) if this has not been requested for future development it needs to be.

Oh, and that Shaper plug in has a mac version.

The GF app automatically groups items together. Example: a rectangle with a bunch of other rectangles drawn inside of it, all of which are completely contained within the larger rectangle, will automatically be grouped together.

If you have a bunch of objects but they do not have a “bounding box” or other shape around them acting as a “container”, they will not be grouped. When you open the file in Intaglio you can make those individual objects into compound paths or whatever the term for it is in that program (Illustrator calls them compound paths, Inkscape calls it “Union”, CorelDRAW calls it welding)


Thank you @Secret_Sauce! As it happens, I spent a few hours this weekend teaching myself Fusion 360 from our own @markevans36301’s awesome tutorials. I’m looking forward to your videos!


Oh boy, you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole now! You can learn the basics in a few hours but two years in and I’m still picking stuff up daily.


I made several changes to this thread and am letting everyone know down here that they should re-read the entirety of the main post.
I’ve changed the link in the post so that you can now register in advance of the webinar. This will give you the option to add the webinar to your calendar and will email you full instructions on how to join the webinar itself. Way better than the original link I provided. If you plan to attend the live session, please register in advance.

Also, I scheduled two additional webinars (both for next week) and provided a description of what I am going to cover in each. As such, I also renamed the entire topic.

I am going to plan for another 2-3 webinars before the end of the year. However, keep in mind that as the topics I cover get more advanced, there is more prep required to make sure the webinar content is A+. So, they will be spaced out accordingly.

Final note about attending the live webinar vs watching the recording: During the webinar, you can type in questions. If the question is on the topic covered in that webinar, then I’ll do my best to answer it on the spot.




You’re awesome. That’s all I can say :grinning:

Thanks so much for doing this!

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Such a fantastically generous offer! As a complete 360 noob I really appreciate the “starting from ground zero” approach. Can’t join the live session but will definitely be watching the recording! Thanks again Jason! :1st_place_medal:

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Really looking forward to the first session today. Downloaded F360 last week, and for sure need some guidance on how to use it, especially in concert with my future GF

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Hey everyone,

Last chance to join webinar #1 if you want to attend live.
I start in ten minutes.



By some quirk of destiny, the city decided to replace the electric pole outside our house today. We have no power. I don’t have enough data on my phone to stream the webinar, so I will have to catch the recording later. Dangit! I even signed up!

Fantastic Job on the seminar @Secret_Sauce ! I learned several new things.

Thanks Jason! I look forward to the next one.

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Just finished with the Webinar…great stuff, great presentation…highly recommend