Glowforge Specific Fusion 360 Training - Start of Live Webinar Series



Yes! Well worth the time and the recording (when posted) would make a great addition to the Matrix. Thank you @Secret_Sauce!:squee:


Awesome job! (And a lot of material covered…I picked up half a dozen tricks.) :grinning:


Now that I have a basic understanding, I will play with F360 for a week before the next seminar. Thanks @Secret_Sauce.

I missed the first few minutes, Jason. Do you have the link up yet to watch again?


That was great @Secret_Sauce! Thanks very much for doing that! I was ‘comfortable’ with F360, but there’s always some great GUI tidbits and details to be learned that comes out of these sorts of things, which I found really helpful!

People should definitely re-watch #1 and attend #2, IMO


Really good job Jason. You’re well suited to doing these. Really well done! Definitely will add the recordings of all of these to my library of bookmarks & saved places :slight_smile:

What’s the over/under on how many laser cut antelope heads there will be in GF homes around the country before Christmas? :smile:


I’m making big rocks into little rocks but very much looking forward to seeing the recording.


I’d also like to link them in the Matrix as you get them loaded up. :grinning:

One question - at one point during the joining of the webinar, I think I got asked for my participant ID - wasn’t sure I had one…where does one find that information? Is it the webinar ID, or did I miss something in the email?


I’ve been catching up on a few lapse days of forums (omg, hundreds of posts just for missing 3-4 days)…

I’m going to say that based on The Reindeer SVGs that have been posted, probably N attendees + 200. :rofl:


I’ve got 3 dozen reindeer of various & sundry sizes and poses (including Rudolph) scattered around the house and got a request from one of my wife’s co-workers to make 100 more. ('tis the season and they own a Christmas Tree farm)

I figure the antelope will get a lot of initial replications but then are going to be transmogrified into all manner of other animals until someone comes up with a mounted hedgie and then someone’s going to get hurt :smile:


I hit that dialog when the meeting plugin was being installed. I closed it and went back to the meeting link that was emailed to me and it plopped me right into the meeting with no other input.

Did someone say “hedgie?”


Sweeet! Did you make that little fellow in F360? :grinning:


Sort of. Grabbed an stl from Thingiverse and rand it through Slicer for F360. :wink:


Chuckle! I might have 3D printed his brother…I’ll never find the photo though. :grin:


Hello Everyone!

Webinar #1 was a huge success.
If you attended live, I very much hope you enjoyed it and learned a ton.
If you didn’t attend live, here is a link so you can still watch it.
Fusion 360 for Glowforge Users - Webinar #1




It’s asking for a password Jason.


@Secret_Sauce Jason, it is asking for a Username & Password to access the WEbinar… where do we obtain that information?

I was able to watch the first half but had to hop off for a work call, but from what I did see you did a great job and am very much looking forward to the entire series.

Thanks again for doing this, it is super helpful for the Fusion 360 Noobs like myself!



Sorry everyone for the bad link.
I fixed it by uploading to Youtube.
I fixed the links above.
Note: needs about 5 min to finish processing.



Hmmm. Video removed because it is too long error.


Your killing me smalls.



I’m so sorry about how much a pain it has been to get to the recorded webinar.
I’ll figure it out…

I’ll do my best to get it up asap so you can watch it before Monday’s live webinar #2