Glowforge Specific Fusion 360 Training - Start of Live Webinar Series




You didn’t miss any announcements or anything. Since the vast majority of users are just watching the recordings, I figured I would just record the webinar and post the finished video. That way, I have a little more flexibility on when I record them and the resulting video also has better audio and video quality. When each of the next videos is complete, I’ll post them here as well.
Note: I am posting a new link as a comment down here AND editing the original post to include the new link/s as well. So, someone who hasn’t read the thread yet will get the latest by simply reading the main post.


That’s awesome! Thanks again for doing these.


Oh man…i have been doing the living hinges the hard way…that is so SWEET!
(I have been wanting a flattener function in F360 in the worst way. And it’s been hiding in the Sheet Metal menu.) :smile:


Thank you!


I ran into this problem too. I am working on some templates for a model boat builder customer and he wanted a centerline and waterline engraving on them.

I found a link on doing some operation in 360 PATCH mode and got it to work, but can’t find the link again.

I like the Glowforge Colorific post processor in 360 CAM mode. It generates an svg file I can load into Inkscape, where I can add text or other objects, save as plain svg and load directly into GFUI.

Great work Jason @Secret_Sauce on the videos. Sincerely appreciate what you are doing and hope you are allowed to continue.

edit found the link:
Fusion 360 Rendering Lines Question

See @chris1 comment

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