Glowforge Stamp Maker - New Premium Feature

There was a blurb in the latest e-mail from Glowforge about the new premium feature for a stamp maker. Not a lot of info, but it seems that you engrave on acrylic to make the stamp. Just wondering if anyone has done this yet and how it turned out. The quick video shows thick acrylic. Just wondering if the medium acrylic would work too.

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Yeah, some of the beta testers have played with it. Medium acrylic should work just fine. :slight_smile:

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Would love to start getting some settings and an actual tutorial. Hope that is coming soon!

Settings are already there for PG materials. Non-PG settings are and will always be left to us to figure out by testing, since there’s no way for GF to predict what they will be. As for tutorials, they’re over on the Support website. There are also a TON of user-generated ones here in the Tips and Tricks section. :slight_smile:


Thank you I will go check!

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Sometimes medium acrylic will warp from the heat depending on how much material is being removed to make the stamp.
I have used acrylic to stamp with and the results vary depending on the image chosen and the medium you use to print with. Acrylic paint works ok. The trick is getting it on the stamp evenly. I think actual water based printing ink would work great.
Design matters a lot. If there is a lot of flat surface area to ink up, you probably aren’t going to have good results. Smaller, thin lines will typically work better. Using good paper matters too. Cheap copy paper will not do. Thicker, card stock type paper is better.
It’s a lot of fun but will probably take two or three tries before you start to get good results.



That looks great! Is that two 1/4” acrylic?

What does it mean by ‘padding’ on the settings bit for the stamp? Is that the depth it will be removing? I’ve never tried stamps before, so when this new feature appeared I’m keen to give it a go!