Glowforge Support Concept



This is dead accurate.

Talk about hitting the nail!

:rofl: There has to be a degree of truth in something for it to be funny!

I also think there is business acumen there, listening to the customer. One thing I found impressive about the company is how they set this forum up and do/did their laundry in public across these years of development.
We collectively howled when it was announced we would have to ship the machine back for a tube replacement, and the company responded by altering their plan.

Posting privileges in the forum are for owners only, but there is a member here who isn’t an owner, They had to get a refund. As a business owner of two lasers for like 17 years, she taught many like me many fundamentals of the tool.
Per policy, when she canceled her privileges here were revoked. She is still here because the forum demanded it. Dan had to run a fire drill once a month when her account was automatically canceled, because of the pitchforks.
The company listens. We have had influence over the feature set, they know where the priorities lie because of us. But yeah.:grin:

Edit; somehow I doubt that hopper will ever be emptied…


I appreciate the humor, but am going to add that every early buyer was given the option to wait until the software is out of beta. I only know of one who did. Nobody’s forcing anyone to do anything.