Glowforge Survey

Has anyone else received a survey from Glowforge
If completing the survey you get a $50. 00 Amazon card?
Thank you


I haven’t received a survey yet.

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Not that I can recall. It’s possible that it’s legit, or it might be a phishing expedition, so be careful.

If you want to ask someone from Support if it is legitimate (they would be the only ones who would know for sure) you need to start a new Thread in the Problems and Support section of the forum.


Nope. I just checked my email, and nothing popped up when I woke the computer still logged into the forum.

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Thank you
I think I’ll get in touch with support
Thanks for the suggestion
I’ve not opened it because I’m afraid it may be a scam


It’s probably safe to open, but don’t-don’t-don’t click on anything. Read the message and you will be able to spot most phishing attempts. I usually forward such things to the appropiate email for whatever company is being spoofed. (look up “report phishing [company name]” in a search engine)

Up-to-date operating systems and mail programs are secure against the old ‘worms’ of yore, when just openign an email could get you in trouble. Nowadays, it’s mostly social engineering or greed that get folks. (IT folks, please correct me if I’m wrong.)


Thank you
I’ve not opened it but will follow your advice and check it out
Thanks so much


Sounds like a scam.

If Glowforge is going to survey owners, I would expect they would give store credit.


You are right; I didn’t focus on it being an “Amazon” card.

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This was confirmed by Glowforge. The giftcards were stated to be sent by the

end of september but noting as of yet.

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Um, today is the end of September so if they were placed in the mail today, they’d have done what they said they would.

If you don’t get it in a week or so (maybe more on the “so” side the way USPS has been working lately) then would be an appropriate time to raise the flag to see if they were sent out or delayed.


September isn’t over just yet…


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I opened another on support and they confirmed it was legitimate and I should get it within 10 days or the end of September

Yes, but September of which year? :thinking:
(Sorry, that is a long-standing joke in the rep industry. Sometimes things run a little late and there’s nothing you can do.) :smile:


It says " by email" lol

Indeed. You have a legit beef it it’s not in your email now. They set the end of September date based on existing conditions so there should be no unforseen impacts from the pandemic, work from home or supply chain.

I expected it would be a physical card so you could gift it on if you wanted but the e-card is easier to deliver to the end recipient.

Let us know if you have it.

not as of yet

The support team is not going to see it in this thread, and since it did turn out to be actually a thing, someone who filled out the survey needs to either shoot support an email or open a post in the Problems and Support section of the forum so it opens a ticket.

They might be running a little behind due to last week’s shenanigans, but they will want to get those out ASAP. (And if someone’s already asked about it, sorry, I’m not keeping up with all of the posts these days.)


I’ll ping the team and let them know that there’s been a holdup!


Just heard back - there’s a slowdown on Amazon in ordering them, they should be out in just a few days.