Glowforge Table from Home Depot



For those still looking for a Glowforge table, there is a sale at Home Depot right now for an adjustable height work table.


beat you this time! :slight_smile:


You win this round! :grin:


I like this table – have to go look at it in person. Thanks!


This one at Sam’s Club (and a few others) is a bit more but has it’s own storage:


Saw this one at costco yesterday, was 100 off. Looks pretty neat , bit different from the usual…and lots of extra space."--Metal-and-Wood-Workbench-.product.100318497.html
The top looks more like cheap laminate vs solid wood up close though. Thought it was pretty neat though


I actually own one almost just like this, same brand, It is a great bench if willing to spend the money and even more than that the TIME putting it together. This comes flat, all of it, including the shelfs in two boxes, you have to fold the metal shelfs and connect that way. Make sure you build it where you want it too, its on heavy mother. lol. Once its together though its a great work bench. though the top scratches easier than some other benches because of the gloss on it.


I saw it today (I’m in NY for a couple of days) and looks very nice.


We ended up getting this a few days ago. Haven’t put it in place yet, but it seems to be a really high quality. Heavy and sturdy. I have to go over it and check all the bolts because we go the floor model.


Great! Post a pic once you got it all set up. I need to find something that works with and without the filter. Some of these seem a bit high if the filter is underneath…


This is pretty high, but it is also on HUGE castors, so you could get like 4" just removing the wheels… if you like where you put it!


With the pro I’ll probably would leave the casters on so that I can roll the setup a couple of feet into a doorway for passthrough use…I picked up one of those huge tool chest a few years ago and left the casters off as its sitting permanently in the utility room. Those things are quite huge.


This is what I was thinking. Although after seeing vibration issues @marmak3261 was having, I started rethinking that. My current plan is to position my :glowforge: about 6 feet from an outside wall in such a way at it becomes the return on a U-shaped workstation. If I do that, I’ll route the vent hose along an interior wall to the window in the exterior wall.


I thought about that when I saw that this thing had casters, but it is really stable, and it will be on carpet, so I think with the casters locked, there shouldn’t be any vibration going on.


Yeah that worried me a bit as well, but will see how it all turns out. Maybe I’ll just build a slide or rotate out top that can be locked down. I have a vent hole in the ceiling (just need to take out a few asbestos ceiling tiles to get to it :rage: )


But that reduces the fire retardant.


Wherever you put the Glowforge, you might want the start button to be in reach where you are sitting working on the design and user workspace, if that’s how your workflow will be. I have a few long sticks that I keep handy to reach across and poke the button rather than getting up and going around the desk. I am keeping the Glowforge butted against my desk so I can do camera shots easy. At this time I don’t really need access to the front I can load everything fairly easily from the side.


Isn’t it amazing, that even with our high-tech devices, how often our first primitive tools, enhance the user experience? :laughing:

Stick, the original remote control! :grin:


Aww man, I have this weird thing for tables and this one is a beaut! I so wish I had an industrial space to put all this cool stuff. (Oh, and money, lots and lots more money to buy it with lol.)