Glowforge Talk Show #8 | Better late than never



Hangouts was causing some issues during the show. So I had to edit out the issues. Other than that it was a good show.

Thanks @takitus & @rebecca for helping me host the show!

For housekeeping reasons, I moved all the old shows to its own channel.

Things we mentioned during the show.

Thanks for watching.


Minor correction. A half dozen times in the video y’all said the latest delay was another 6 months. Though you correctly said July 31st, that’s 7 months (maximum) for the pre-orders.


They’re hopeful :upside_down:




For what? Not at all important. You knew the date, I knew the date. But apparently not everyone reads. Clarifying so folks don’t have another “delivery by Dec 2015” misunderstanding.

Edit: BTW, thanks for the update and effort this required. Twas great. I’m notoriously bad at remembering to thank or complement people.


Thanks guys, enjoyed it.


That was fun–nice to hear about your backgrounds and see some projects! Thanks for spending the time doing it.


No problem. They are fun to do.

Thanks for watching.


Damn. Just watched this and you broke my heart all over again for letting you down.

@takitus: Just to clarify, I was talking about passthrough software not being ready yet - and we expect it will be ready well before July.


Yeah funny story, we were supposed to start recording at 9. 2 hours and 4 drinks later we were still blabbering at each other online and hadn’t started yet… so I grabbed half a drink to last me and we started recording lol.

I don’t know how to measure how many sheets to the wind you are, but my eggs were definitely a bit scrambled around then. This was actually one of the only shows we’ve done where we had to edit whole sections out for going off topic or just blabbering too incoherently. Hahah. It’s also why Rebecca did the intro =P

Fun times! We still love you guys and are sad about delay obviously, but hope everyone is still taking some vacation this month to spend time with their families and friends.

We forgot to say at the end, but happy holidays!


Happy Cake Day!


Thank you!!! I never would have noticed that. :blush: