Glowforge to the Rescue

My dad was fixing the switch on his work light and the back cover cracked. Not to worry I whipped one up in no time. Its quarter inch acrylic. I told him to paint it black but he hasn’t gotten around to it.

Heres the original cover

Heres my photoshop one

and heres the final product. Its not the best thing but it worked in a pinch.


Looks good! :wink:

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thanks! I was going to make it in Fusion 360 but im so bad I had to switch to photoshop. Im forever cursed with being a photographer and so I always want to do everything in Photoshop.

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Practical cuts Is perfect here… :slight_smile:

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Solving everyday problems wit modern technology, I love it.

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How awesome that you were able to give him a replacement so quickly! I’m sure he was very happy!