Glowforge to the rescue!


I recently took a chance on a table saw from the thrift store which was missing the safety key. After rigging it temporarily to ensure it worked I needed to get a new key. At 15 bucks, I figured there was a way to make one. If only there was a machine that converts beams of light into magic :). I found an STL someone had posted on Thingiverse, exported a profile and then cut from some scrap acrylic I had. Works perfectly.

I’m curious what you guys have used your Glowforge to fix.


Friggin’ awesome!


Great work! If only I could laser some steel rails. My saw is missing those.


Check out Practical cuts … this is perfect for that thread.


That’s great! (And I think we have that model.) :smile:


My cat.

Wait… Did I say that out loud?

I haven’t “fixed” anything yet but I’ve used it to cut a hole template for a ceiling fan I’m building a custom housing for.


What did you use to “export a profile” of the STL file?






But…does it still work if its not yellow??? Lmao :wink: