Glowforge Trace


Great Granddaughter made a color filled decorative cutting board for her mother to hang on the wall.




Exactly! :slightly_smiling_face:


Now that is cool!


Doesn’t get any better than that.


What a keepsake!


I love it when I see stuff like this made by children. It serves many purposes.

Besides making the child feel good about seeing something they made in the world besides high score, it may well kick-start their interest in being even more creative.

When you make something, then immediately see a way to make it better and start another. That is the same creative interest in high gear.

Plus, anything that gives Mom a tingle is always worthwhile.


As the years pass, that effect is pronounced! :star_struck:


Thank you & I’m a firm believer in what you just said. My Great Grand Daughter also received honors in school with student of the month for creativity.


I love that!


Precious! What a wonderful keepsake.


My Great Grand Daughter & I Thank You so much for the Glowforge so we can have fun together making interesting item.