Glowforge Twitter Feed

I thought we should make a thread to help those who don’t use twitter keep up with all the great things going on there.

Like this little gem.![|500x500](upload://uO1amioiO84m8q6kV9b9MPFCokK.jpg)

Yes, I want one sooo bad!


Thanks! I don’t use any social media at all, nice to see some stuff I missed


Woohoo cool.

(I’m a Twitter notgonnabe)


I don’t use Twitter either - thanks for sharing with those of us who don’t! That looks awesome.

Ditto to those above! Thanks for reposting. :relaxed:

Thanks from another tweetless.

Really appreciate you doing that! The big stuff goes here, but sometimes I’ll tweet little cool tidbits into my or the company’s twitter feed.


Hate to be a wet blanket, but is there anyway we can have these “cool tidbits” posted to the forums as little news blips as well?

I hate Twitter, will never use it, as most other people.
Social media is stupid, and has fragmented the internet. Everything about this product really “should” be here. /shrug


Well that is the intent of this thread. However not everything on twitter is from Glowforge directly. Some is just individuals sharing their experience.

I will happily share anything I can on here so everyone who reads the forums can enjoy it too.:grin:


Everyone knows you don’t actually need a twitter account?

unlike facebook(depending on user settings), pinterest(for everyone), and so many more with twitter you can just go to and view all the posts you want, no blocked screens or content.

Glowforge has also done the same with their facebook settings.

Though for the record I hate having to chase down twenty sites because someone at a company has decided they must have a giant social media presence.


Here’s a little something I found on the twitter feed.

iPad Pro case made with a @glowforge. I had to drop in that @SwiftLang bird too. It's gonna be dope when it's done.

— Jazbo (@BugKrusha) July 29, 2016