Glowforge User Location Map - Add Your Location

Add Your location to the map: Glowforge International User Location Map

At one time there was a map showing user locations around the world, it doesn’t appear to be supported/updated anymore though. Feel free to add your location to the map linked above, doing so offers another level of support and collaboration with other nearby Glowforge owners.

There are location based layers, so add your location marker to the appropriate layer.


Somebody’s got a sense of humor! ROFL! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
( :revolving_hearts: you guys!)

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Forgive me for not feeling right about this.

A user who named themselves “AdminOwner” is advertising an “Official” location map that Glowforge would never call official.

[Edit: I see he removed the “Official” from the title and link at least.]


It’s built off of the original map, because I’m familiar with it and recognize many of the locations of the people who have already added to it (first 5 years). And they have added our user icons in some instances, so it’s obviously someone who knows the active users. (I didn’t link an icon there, someone else did.)

On the other hand, you’ve got some great instincts, because normally I would be concerned about it as well. The first thing I did was check my location, and it was exactly where I placed it in the first map.

(General location, not precisely on my house. Deliberately.)

I think it’s safe enough if you want to add your location. It was a lot of fun the first go-round.


Yeah… someone pretending to represent “official” GF staff with a made-up username including “admin”…

No thanks.


@WinkleBerryArtsLLC, why do you want this user location info? What is your real name? Where are you located?

For purposes of discovering other local Glowforge users for social reasons, I think some other format might be less threatening. Knowing people’s general metro area (e.g., in a spreadsheet or wiki post) is adequate for that. Publishing exact locations of people who own a Glowforge seems like a resource with a lot of potential for abuse. I’m sure that is dissuading many people from participating in the original map.


@evermorian This is clearly not your real name either. I am located in the Midwest area. I don’t care if people add their locations or not, I am simply continuing the old map that had been previously created. Also, people don’t have to put their exact locations.


Yes but, my real name, links to my websites and social media and metro area are all in my profile.


Good for you, I personally am not going to put my exact personal information out there and I am not forcing anyone else too either. Thank you for the concern though, have a great day.

The person who created that map several years ago did it to promote their personal promotion code, which gives them credit with GF. Google no longer supports the service although they never took it down. Please stop trying to promote it as something officially created or sponsored by GlowForge.


The main concerns here are that:

  • Your username suggests some elevated position of authority while you are, in fact, a new community member who has posted nothing but this.

  • Your use of the word “official” suggests that you represent Glowforge.


Calling for a moderator to look into it please. (I’ll flag this post so it doesn’t hit anyone else’s count.)

If it’s not legit, they have that information. If it is, they also have that information, and can let folks know it’s safe. It was a lot of fun the first time.


I feel like we are off to a bad start for the reasons others have mentioned.


The map is growing significantly.

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