GlowForge users in Belgium or Holland

Hello Everyone !

I’m new here, my GlowForge Basic has been ordered yesterday, so the (long) wait can start.
Are there people here in this forum from Belgium or Holland who own a GF already ?
Would love to get to know you, so we can exchange some experiences later on.

I’m from Mechelen, in the flemish-speaking (dutch) of the country.




Welcome to the :glowforge: Community Forum! And congrats to your Basic arriving soon. I’ve lived in the US for many years now, but grew up in Holland and once upon a time had a boyfriend from Antwerp. Remember a visit to Mechelen well, such a beautiful place! When it gets there, enjoy your :glowforge:!


Hi there! From London here! Welcome to the :glowforge: community !

The “family” here is very nice and we are here to help each other with all the questions you may have (Believe me, will be lots and lots!).

I think the only “problem” would be Material source (Not that it is an issue but we here in Europe, don’t have the “luxury” of having the Proofgrade Materials which you will love them soon too). But you will survive. :slight_smile:

Take care!


Welcome! I am in Amsterdam. Happy to chat about all things GF and the European experience.


Greetings from Germany,
living near the dutch border. Venlo Area


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