Glowforge V2 Change Requests

So I was recently talking the business owner of Emblaser, an alternative laser cutter, and he was saying that they put all the lessons they learnt and customer feedback on the Embaser 1 in to the Emblaser 2.

Interesting to consider what design changes GF would make for a V2 product from the lessons/issues learnt so far… e.g.

  • Fixed position for the camera rather than on a moving lid.
  • Rigid metal frame.
  • Removable floor to allow greater object depth.
  • Improved cooling, so able to handle higher levels of temperature.
  • Ethernet connection (to keep everyone quiet).
  • Greater pass through slot thickness, with guards built-in.

And if they had a magic wand… immediate type approval in all countries around the world.

What are you top requests for changes?


A 5W laser for $2900?


A removable floor on an expensive, heavy piece of electronics carries no interest for me - but I’d be all over a deeper z-depth & rotary.

And speed up that engraving. :wink: