Glowforge Vent Question


I still have a little bit before my Glowforge arrives but I figured I’d get my first project ready in Illustrator.

I am planning on making a Y duct connector so that my dryer and Glowforge can share the same vent out of the garage. I could just buy one… but where is the fun in that?

I have read that it uses a standard 4" hose. My question is will the exhaust from the Glowforge or the humidity from the dryer have a significant affect on the other device. I was planning on making a partition so that neither one would mix until it is out of the house, but I would hate to risk it.


I cannot imagine how nasty your clothing might smell if you accidentally backdrafted from the GF into the dryer.


You’ll definitely want to install blast gates on both sides of the Y. If you click on the magnifying glass icon and search for “blast gate” you see why.

TL;DR: humidity & heat are bad, GF fumes are not clothing-friendly. :wink:


Be really careful with this because lint + sparks are a bad idea



Hmm seems like it would not be that hard to make a couple of gates as well…

Although at that point a quick-connector may be a better option. Something to think about at least.

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I don’t see how you will keep the Glowforge discharge from getting into your clothes. Even with gates, air leakage is bound to be a problem. Imagine how pissed off your wife will be. :relaxed:


When I get back I’ll post a picture of two months exhaust on a window screen. That may give you an idea. It’s very fine, not really soot but more ash. I wouldn’t connect the two systems.


Hi @eninbarnast, welcome to the forums!

I will echo what other people said and recommend you don’t connect the two systems. I think a quick connect would be a great solution!

On a side note, hanging out on the forums is a great way to pass the time. We’re a friendly bunch! :smile_cat:


Almost like connecting two gas furnaces, two fireplaces, etc to the same chimney or vent. It’s a big no-no.


I second this. It was exactly what I was going to say. Why run one when you can run two at just twice the effort. :wink:

I think you’ll be happy you did.


yeah, especially since the dryer is unlikely to have airtight hoses even if one does manage to install a blast gate.


Hmm well maybe there is no clean way to do it.

Unfortunately I would need to cut through a foot of concrete or have it going through the window otherwise.

Not the end of the world, but not as fun as building my way out of it haha.

I think a well-designed couple of blast gates or something that’s essentially a double-throw valve could do OK if it were right at the end of the runs. You’d need some kind of interlock to make sure that you didn’t start up either machine with the vent not set properly.

But I could be wrong.

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Let Glowforge use the vent and get a clothes line ! :grin: (Sorry honey - I have to create!!":kissing_smiling_eyes:


Slight PITA, but at the intersection (think of a “T” with the T missing), you could have a the flex duct connected to the run leading out, and then just plug the other end of the flex into which ever run to the machine that needs it.
A magnetic quick connect would simply it.


Much less fear of lint fires if the shared line is only for the final exit point… if it is properly installed!
The exterior vent for the dryer at my house was installed… poorly. Presumably by a toddler who had not quite figured out the whole square-peg/round-hole dilemma. I clean it out with the shopvac every month and it is fine, but when I first moved in, that wall-cavity was packed with several years-worth of compressed lint.


Yes, couple that with the ash and residue @marmak3261 mentioned and keeping it clean is recommended.

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So I just wanted to add in a crude drawing here. I’m on lunch at work so I am limited by MS paint but this is the general layout of my original concept.

Given how much material will be coming out of the Glowfoge from your description this probably does not make sense, but the original concept had a partition that would have them not connect until they are leaving the garage.

I like it, the only caveat being that on a windy day, Forge fumes could be pushed back into the dryer side, making the dryer smelly. Blast gates would remedy that. Search the forum for “blast gate” and you’ll see some for just a few bucks.

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@pigheaded She may be fine with that actually. She has plenty plans for it herself.