Glowforge videos X3


Nope, It’s not a cute emoji, Glowforge uploaded 3 videos to their Youtube channel. Enjoy!


Yeah, I hadn’t seen that third one either…love the little tealight holder! (Hope it’s in the catalog.) :grinning:


Nice! Bailey does a great job in that new one.


Love the new video and hope to see this in the catalog!


I’m expecting to be wowed once the catalog is released. Presumably Nick and Shell have been busy designer elves in the last year and a half.


@bailey you have a gorgeous smile! Great video!


Hehe, I just made these public while I was sharing the YouTube channel with someone new. None of the videos are terribly new - the Flex one was included in a customer email a few months ago, the viola one we published on Facebook last month, and the votive one we shared as an exclusive for Geekwire in a story they published on us awhile ago. And now they are public! :slight_smile: