GlowForge Visit

So tonight had another GF hookup with @Clone and his GF meeting my GF (ha, see what I did there). Great to meet another MA based GlowForger, and they at least got to see it in action, and see/hear/smell the output outside… And as always when folks see it for the first time “Wow, it’s bigger than I thought”…

(shoulda done a 10s timer not the 3 as I’m still running across apparently)


GF^2 again! I get it :sweat_smile:


Visit doesn’t count unless you have a pic of @clone holding his ruler :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see the new resting place is working out.


@henryhbk thank you again for hosting

Like the man said I was taken back at how large the gf is like wow. I rounded the corner and was like I know how to read a tape measure and know the dimensions but actually seeing it in person just wow.

We go to see it action doing the paw prints for the cat shelf, I did take note of how high pitch the fan is from out side even all they way to the back of the yard. My gut tells me there is a different type of fan or blade geometry that could be used for the same cfm and speed control at a much lower pitch

Still all in all very impressive but does give me pause for use at my condo given the noise so I am hoping to hear about sound improvements’ for the air filter

Other loot from Boston @dwardio


30 min in 20 pieces together is 6 different groups this is going to day several hours


Hmmm… one of the two places I have available to set mine up is in a condo as well, I’m thinking I’ll have to play it by ear (HA!) and consider this or the detached garage.


Taza chocolate is owned by 2 folks from my alma mater… We’ve done an alumni tour.


Wooo! We are going to have to setup the NEGFUG once everyone gets there Glowforges. (New England GlowForge User Group)


Could be the louvers on @henryhbk’s exhaust. Or the combination of piping and louvers causing that.

I’m using the standard flexi-hose they included and a plain flapper type vent outlet from Home Depot ( From outside it doesn’t sound any different than my dryer or central vac exhaust.

Perhaps the rigid metal piping and the vent he’s using have different harmonics.


If your dryer sounds like your central vac you either have the quietest central vac (mine with a muffler sounds like a fighter jet on takeoff) or the loudest dryer ever! My dryer (which has an extremely short run of the exact same type) and the vent is right above the GF vent it is almost silent, you can hear the GF when running in the front yard around the house.

I am not a fan of the aluminized paper flexible hoses. They tear and can burn and cause dryer fires (consumer reports recommends against them). I have no idea if some burning masking got wooshed out the exhaust if that could light up the flexible hose, but the all metal option is safer.


My central vac has an insulated exhaust port which makes it way quieter outside than it is in the basement :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using the flexi - it seems a step up from the cheapest flex hose but not the rigid you’re using as mine is still a temporary install and I’ve got a Pro with filter coming. The outdoor vent is going to get moved & reconfigured when I get my unit.

I’ve also got it going through a plastic blast gate which would further change the harmonics from an all metal install. I’ll grab a recording of it in operation tonight to compare.


If @dan is still working on the May update, perhaps he could address the issue of exhaust noise. It seems like most PRUs don’t have a problem with noise from their units but @henryhbk’s noise has me pretty concerned.


It’s somewhere between the loudness of the dryer vent and the heat pump. Never heard of a neighbor having any reasonable excuse to complain about a well maintained heat pump. A little higher pitched but not loud. Actually should say it’s quite a bit quieter than the heat pump. Using the provided 8ft coiled vent tube.

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Thanks @rpegg - it’s the outliers, like @henryhbk that I’m concerned with since townhome neighbors can be a little cranky about noise, especially this time of year when they tend to keep windows open. That’s almost certainly not a problem for you in the WV wilderness. :relaxed:


Fully understand and sympathize. Just never seen a modern town home without an external heat pump, so thought that would be a good reference.

I don’t find it that loud, a good deal quieter than my Hoover. I did work in close proximity to military jet engines, so my perception is probably a bit skewed.


Noise depends a great deal on installation. We also have options in the hopper for low-noise printing options (take longer, run things more quietly).


I am going to try increasing the deadening on the pipe, to see if that reduces the noise. I suspect it won’t but certainly worth a shot in case something is resonating.


Pretty sure filling the pipe with a can of that expanding foam sealant will take care of any external noise. If the problem is inside the house, I’ve found that fiddling with my breaker box solves that.


We do use that pipe I see in @henryhbk’s picture at the office sometimes, and it definitely amplifies noise quite a bit.