Glowforge vs Boss

Oh yeah to both. I could never afford to have one like the pls6-75 like my office has. I almost always use the GF, convenience, but it’s nice to have this available for bigger bed jobs or really long engraves. I’ve only just begun to try to figure out 3D on the universal.

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Lot of resin with 3D, plus they look better once cleaned of burn char.
Get ahead of the game and get a jug of fast orange gel. It is surprisingly cheap for a huge tub of it, and a little goes a long way.

Brisk brushing with a toothbrush (or equivalent) with the gel. Can get messy so prepare for that.
Then clean with a paper towel.
If pumice remains, a light alcohol spray and towel wipe will remove it.
I also use a 4 inch paint brush to whisk the surface, this gets rid of any gel that is remaining in small cracks.


Thanks so much for the tips! My husband has that! Just need to learn the designing files for 3D part

An old electric toothbrush also works wonders for helping to clean 3d engraves.


Oh man, great idea!


I have a jug of that fast orange in my garage. I didn’t end up using it as much as I thought I would, so it was still pretty full when winter came last year. In case anyone was wondering, it freezes pretty solid when temperatures drop below freezing. The container was bulging a little from being frozen and I thought it might split open. But it stayed intact and the pump still worked when the weather warmed up again. I probably won’t store it in the garage this year.


I love my Universal lasers.:grin: but yeah…way more pricey…


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