Glowforge Vs. Taz 6

So I needed to make a battery hold-down try for my latest RC plane build and the interwebs had been down all afternoon. (Off work, of course, it is!) So I decided to 3d print this. Well, just about the time I got the STL out of Fusion 360 the interwebs came back up. Now I was curious, I knew this part favored the Glowforge but I wanted to see just how big of a difference there would be.

I started both at the same time.

The Taz was off to a big head start because I had to load wood and turn around and push the button. :crazy_face:

I got that done and in literally seconds, the Glowforge version was complete, The Taz was still preheating the bed and nozzle when the Glowforge finished.

An hour and 15 minutes later the 3d printed version was complete but at least I didn’t have to push a button!

The wood one is 13g, the PLA one is 19g

I don’t want to test either one of these to fail as I am going to use the one off the GF.

This experiment brings up some interesting questions I think.
I think I am going to do both a 3d printed version and a cut version of as many things as I can now and maybe even do some strength comparisons.


Interesting! It would probably come down to materials suited to the desired use.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Yeah, that’s a great comparison. I wouldn’t have thought to run the same file to time the differences.

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