Glowforge won't print all the way through

I have a GF Pro, arrived in October 2023 and I haven’t used it that much.
In the middle of printing, it fell off the rails.
Now the power seems greatly diminished and it won’t cut all the way through on Proofgrade Medium Draftboard with the Gift of Good Measure model.
I’ve cleaned the crumb tray and the lenses.

Pics show laser tube glowing dimly + Gift of Good Measure print (does not score even under the masking paper on the material).
If I slow the print down from 183 to 100, it will cut through.

Any help would be appreciated~! Thanks


Well that bites. It’s possible that when returning it to its rails you got fingerprints on the mirror, or the side window which will lessen the power getting through. I know you said you cleaned, but maybe worth giving it another go, specifically on the left side window and mirror?


I cleaned both the side window and the left mirror (which isn’t super easy to get to) :frowning:
The left side window has a scratch on it. Do you think the window could be the problem?

Also - the laser tube should be brighter, right?


Just in case you might want to check number 17 on this list for the official cleaning instructions. It’s possible that you still missed one or two places to clean:


The laser tube looks ok. It doesn’t get very bright.


Thanks for the input. It is definitely much dimmer than it used to be.


You mentioned the speed, but not the power setting in your OP. As mentioned above, the plasma in the tube doesn’t always glow brightly, even when working perfectly. Try cutting a piece of scrap at Full power and a fairly fast speed (to avoid flare-ups) and check the brightness of the tube, vs 100, then 50. If you still don’t think you’re getting full power (and have tried all the cleaning recommended above) it’s time to call Support.

Good luck!


I tried printing on Proofgrade Medium Draftboard with the Gift of Good Measure model (pics above). I tried it with the settings provided by GF and then again custom, just to cut the outline at 100% power.
It only cuts through with 100% power and speed of 100 (the lowest setting).