Glowforge'able Ideas

Greetings -

I had family up from out of state over the summer and we hit about every gift store in a 200 mile radius. There were lots of laser cut items for sale from various makers and artists, but thought I’d share a few of my favorites. I’m not posting to solicit sales, just as examples for anyone looking for creative ideas. Here we go -

A little different take on a puzzle, which I thought was interesting -

A couple lovely multi-layer pieces -

Nice little, two sided, tea light display -

A simple but fun Snowmachine ornament -

And lastly, a cool, multi-section, wall cabinet. And the little packaged animal ornament kits were cute.

The wall-hung interlocking boxes were really cool. I’m totally making that at some point this winter.



Always tons of inspiration out there but never enough time ! Those tea lights and interconnected boxes were neat!


I love wandering through shops for inspiration like this.


Dragoncon just happened in Atlanta, and their vendor spaces are full of laser products to study.

What’s interesting is the pricing. I don’t know what lasers they’re using but they are not glowforges, that’s for sure. Several were selling full-size engraved cutting boards for under $20 – there’s no way to make any money at that with a glowforge, we’re just too slow.


It’s always fun to see what others do. The tealight one reminds me of a similar style I received from some of our good friends when we left pastoring in Globe. Except mine has mirror on the back, but the same spacing idea in between. I also like that puzzle, and putting the bag on the back is clever.


So much stuff I see these days where fancy designs are selling for less than I could buy the wood for them. I have tried going where they cannot… bent cylinders, very rich designs… but eventually all the creativity is in slicing a penny off the cost. A friend did that by using copper plated steel for his enamel earrings, and made a fair amount of money, but the production lost him his eyes


People are always undervaluing themselves. Just because you can sell something for cheap doesn’t mean you should. But, yeah, I highly doubt they’re using a GlowForge!


When I got back from Alaska I immediately started on projects from ideas I got there.


Probably CNC?


Nope. I got right up on them, laser-sharp inside corners and no telltale tooling marks.


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