Glowforge's in Montana

My GF is off for repair and I have a couple orders that I have to fulfill in the meantime. Does anyone have a GF near Helena Montana they’d be willing to let me use, even for a fee?

Yes. I live in Philipsburg but it has to be done by Sunday evening

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You’re awesome! Thanks so much. I just added up my print times it’s probably around 4 hours-kind of long to hang out at someone’s house. I know a couple owners here in Helena that I reached out too that might let me bring their machines to my house for a couple of days. If I don’t hear back from them I’ll be in contact. I actually emailed my customers and offered a huge discount for waiting. I also ordered another laser machine-not glowforge. More of a production unit.

The time is problem besides I can pick your brain in the process. Either way if you are this way stop by and visit :sunglasses:

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So I actually have an offer to borrow a pro here in town which I can’t pass up. I’m super curious about the difference in print time. I would love to talk shop and I’ll invite you over to check out my shop if you’re ever in Helena. I’ll give you my email and we can converse there-

Unless you’re using Full power and then adjust the speeds vs the Basic settings you have, you won’t see anything material in print time with the Pro. Because its Full power setting is more power than the Basic’s Full power, you can run a job faster than the Basic’s speed settings - the trouble is you have to dial in the settings unless you’re using PG and PG settings.