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Hello everyone,
In considering my future projects I thought I should start doing some research on how to stick stuff together.
Please help us all by appending personal experience?

How should we stick two pieces of acrylic together?
How would we glue wood and acrylic together?
What’s the best procedure for gluing wood inlays?
Is there anything that works for wood and glass?

I hope this isn’t too general or annoying, but I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by the material science here and I do plan on sharing once I get my Forge! :slight_smile:


There is quite a bit of information along those lines in the Tips and Tricks section of the Matrix. (We’ve been asking the same questions for a couple of years now…chuckle!)

Here’s a link to the tutorials section…browsing through the last section listed will save you from having to re-invent the wheel on a lot of those:


I don’t know why I didn’t think to search the site again. I think the first time I looked I didn’t stumble on that link. Well, at least this post is a refresher for the amazing resources here.



I don’t have access to adhesives!

Let me check…

Yep, you’re right the link got corrupted somehow. Sorry, that was less than helpful.

Let me see if I can find it again…it was Make Magazine I believe.

Okay, try it now.

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I’ve found this site to be quite helpful with adhesive info:


just came to link this. also a fan.

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A 2-part epoxy should work fine for this.

If you used your Glowforge to cut the inlay mortise and the inlay itself, I would just use regular wood glue. I would use an acid brush and brush it everywhere in a thin layer, and up on the sidewalls. You want full coverage, but not too much squeeze out. That will just be a lot of cleanup later. I like using Titebond II wood glue.


On lots of the boxes I make I press fit them :slightly_smiling_face: