Glue Looper

I’ve just discovered a really useful tool and thought others might like to try it out. It’s called the Glue Looper. It comes in several versions but the best are version 4 for really thin glues like superglues, and version 3 for thicker glues (they demo using E6000). Do a search on YouTube if you want to see it in action. Basically it allows you to put down a very thin, tiny bit of glue by capillary action. No waste, no over-gluing. I tried it out and I’m sold. You can get it on the Glue Looper website or on Amazon at these links (not affiliate, I’m just a happy customer):

Glue Looper version 4:

Glue Looper version 3:

$14.99 for each version but they look like they last forever.


Very clever! Pretty sure I could manage to make something functional on my jeweler’s bench. Old Xacto blade, guitar strings scrap… :thinking:
Thanks for the share!

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dammit stop making me spend money!


I have no doubt you could…but could you make that many of them in less than $15 worth of time?

That’s very cool - though odd that they seem to be undercutting themselves on Amazon


I got mine from Micromark use them all the time for the GF and my trains…


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Their cleaning instructions are vaguely alarming.

“Get medieval with a blowtorch” is kind of a last resort in most cases, but not here.


This may apply here :smile:


My best lesson there came from the top on a motorized standing desk. I thought the company wanted too much for a top, so being me, I elected to buy an Ikea butcher block top for less. After sanding and waiting for each finish coat of satin clear to dry and re-sanding - I think I managed to save about 12 bucks. :expressionless:


This meme always cracks me up. There’s a lot of truth in there…


Any chance you were at the Toledo RC show today? I saw a demo of this and bought some glue from them. It’s pretty amazing! Found it really interesting to see a post on it today…

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this forum has cost me more than the :glowforge: itself by now


Haha, no, that’s pretty far away.

I’m just getting even for all the pickers, foil tape, LED light bases, etc.


This is so awesome! Thank you so much for posting!

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