Glue recommendations for JPPlus faux leather + wood?

Anyone have a recommendation? I am experimenting with layering the JPPlus faux leather on ply and before I waste any more material, was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation. :smiley: I am totally new to working with any kind of leather (faux or not lol).

Would contact cement work?

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I assure you it would. Seconded.

I’d use contact cement if you want it permanent, rubber cement if you want it reversible.

Contact cement fumes are no joke, ventilate or do it outside.


I use Hardman Double Bubble Orange epoxy for gluing wood to leather. It comes in “single-shot” packages to reduce waste. It has a 3 hour work time, and cures in 18 hours at room temp.

I buy it here.


That’s actually nice. Contact cement’s biggest issue for me is that it grabs on and has little to no open time. Once it’s on it’s ON.

On the plus side it has almost no cure time.

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Yeah, I’m old and twitchy. Sometimes I need a few tries to line things up correctly. Hardman has other epoxies with tighter work/cure windows, but I think Orange is the most effective for gluing wood to leather


Ohh I’m super allergic to epoxy! I switched to using crystalac for tumblers etc (it’s nontoxic). I can try that but I have a feeling it won’t work. I haven’t ever used contact cement! (And rubber cement not since middle school maybe hahaha)
So no super glue, right? I have some star bond that I haven’t opened yet.
Thanks for your help! I love this place!

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