Glue removal

I glued up my new knitting machine, and had some overspill. The glue I used was some kind of Gorilla that, once dry, behaves kind of like rubber cement. I was afraid if I pulled on the loose ends, it would work like a command strip and I would pull my whole project apart. A razor blade or exacto knife would be good, but
Ah HA! Cuticle trimmer! A razor blade on a stick! Mine was at kind of a wide angle, so I squished it to be just less than 90 degrees and it did a great job cleaning up most of my mess.


I have at least 2 of those right beside me. What a great idea!

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Oooo, great tip! I’ll have to get me one of those. I winder if a seam ripper would also work? I’ve got a couple of those.

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Probably not, since the ripper is flat and the cuticle cutter is coved or v-shaped.

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