Gluing advice?

I made a copy of my school’s logo, and made the same cut out of two pieces of wood to make this coaster. Unfortunately, the gap seems just a little too big to glue conveniently with regular wood glue. Anyone have an idea for gluing or filling this gap?


You could glue them down on a backer piece, or maybe use the self adhesive veneer as a backer.


I would also suggest cutting a backer piece (possibly out of felt or cork).


Epoxy will fill gaps. If you can put a couple of drops of ink or pigment in the epoxy, it will be dark and not really show. It will just blend in with the darker wood. I’ve done this with inlay on a coffee table.


Thanks! I was worried a cork backing might not be secure enough, but I’ll give it a try!

Is there a convenient way of getting the epoxy to fill the gaps without running over the surface? I suppose I could also just coat the entire top with epoxy as well.


I think that’s a good idea.


Not really. Were you using plywood or hardwood? if hardwood, you could have the epoxy fill a little extra and than sand it back. Otherwise, you can just wipe it off with minimal sanding or do like you said, coat the whole thing in epoxy.

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Maybe try looking for chair repair glue. It’s a specific type of CA glue designed with a needle applicator so you can shoot it into a narrow joint and it swells the wood and bond it.


If you’re going the epoxy route, lay things out upside down onto painters tape before applying the epoxy from the back side. This will provide a stop for the epoxy and make cleanup after easier. Stick the wood to the tape and burnish a bit around the seams to ensure tight adhesion of tape and wood at the joints. Then flood from the back and scrape/level before it cures. Then you would just have to cleanup the back with some sandpaper before putting on a backing if you want. The front side should be pretty clean once you remove the tape and just a touch up with sand paper where the epoxy will have come through.

Better method is probably to make the cuts in two files for the different material so you have an inside and outside that are 0.2m offset for the kerf so the fit is tight. But this would have more waste.


The 2-P10 line of glues come in different viscosities. Their thickest glue says it is designed to fill gaps, but it will all depend on exactly how much gap.

For wood coasters I’d consider going with an epoxy they use to cover bar tops to protect the wood from moisture. There have been a couple of discussions about epoxy and bar tops on the forums.

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