Gluing Proofgrade Plywood

I am making some jointed boxes, I am using proofgrade plywood. Does anybody have glue that woks for the finished plywood. Wood glue doesn’t hold well, granted I am not sanding the area being glued, but that would take to much time and effort for what I am doing. I was thinking of clear gorilla glue. I was using gorilla wood glue and clamping the pieces till they dry, but couple times the broke free with a little force.

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I use CA (super glue) when glue is needed. With kerf compensation you can get it tight enough that it takes a mallet to get it together.


The sanding really does help with the bond though, even with CA, particularly if you’re not kerf adjusting. A few swipes with a very coarse grit go a long way.

The one that I use is called DAP Rapidfuse, but you really need to use disposable gloves with it and eye protection, because they are not kidding!


Thanks, is there places to get the CA glue locally? I am in southern California and only see it online. The DAP Rapidfuse is at Homedepot I see. I can order online but kind of in need for it ASAP.

oh is Cyanoacrylate just super glue? sorry I kind of misread that.

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yep! :slightly_smiling_face:

great thanks!

Are you making boxes with fingered edges? I was not liking the designs with long tabs but really like it when the fingers are equal to the material thickness or less. is a web page that helps layout such fingered edge shapes.

With carefully designed boxes there is almost enough to not need the glue but with wood glue they are as strong as the material is beyond the cuts.


I have boxes over a year old from proofgrade plywood held together with CA glue and they haven’t fallen apart. That said, don’t expect the joins to be very strong - for very light duty use only.

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Yes finger joints. I need to check out that site.

I picked up some DAP Rapidfuse. Seems to have worked better. I didn’t sand, will do in the future,

A quicky snapshot of one I am working on as I type:

Much finishing still needed but quite strong.

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