Gluing slate

If anyone has any experience, what would be the best glue to use to attach some handles to slate boards? I made some cheese boards / charcuterie boards but thought, these would be better with handles… What would / do you all use? E6000, 2 part epoxy?

Can’t help with glue ideas, but in the future Johnson Plastics has some nice slate boards with handles that screw on.

Masonry bit and screws would be my answer.


I use Dow Corning 732 clear silicone caulk to adhere hangers to all of my artwork (glass, slate, etc.). It is very strong and flexible.


May have to try that after I do something with the boards I have now

Well, I do have the bits already…may give this a try on some scrap slate I have. What could it hurt lol

Any high end adhesive should hold a handle to slate, though the brittle nature of the stone might lead to flaking and failure. They may even have a substantial useful life, but no substitute for a handle anchored with screws going through the whole slate.


The first thing I’d try would be two part Epoxy… but that’s not based on having ever tried it on slate. Barring that @evansd2 mentioned drilling holes and attaching with screws and that sounds like a pretty good approach. Maybe That’s the first thing I’d try now…

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I agree with @evansd2 masonry bits or diamond tile bits with lubricant. Just make sure you use a nylon grommet or washer on both sides too to help prevent cracking from use.

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Drill a hole and use a fastener, or use Epoxy. Epoxy is by far the strongest option.

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Here’s a sample of some slate I recently etched and mounted some of my fused glass on. On the back is an acrylic keyhole hanger. The hanger and the Buddha are mounted using Dow Corning 732.