Goat Reindeer - opportunity for @henryhbk

@henryhbk you’re missing a serious moneymaking opportunity. An orchard here is having a “goat Reindeer” day. Get your picture with a goat dressed in santa clothes.

Gave it a little thought - might be a cute selfie to send the kids. But then I checked out the link.

$25 for 1 photo
+$10 for every additional photo
+$10 for all photos from your 15 minutes of communing with the goat




And for Spring they have Goat Unicorns with a single horn on its head? It worked for Barnum & Bailey a few years back.


That was a massive battle. He was so angry with me. The other goats tried to bash it off him (luckily he’s the biggest)


Thinking of problems of putting a bright flashy red hat on one of the bulls in a field of bulls raised for null fighting :crazy_face:

I think in the Barnum and Bailey case I think it was a bit of surgery on a fetal/embryonic goat.

Saw goat pics so I had to share.

Took this in Nepal last year.


Goats with bayonets sounds like a great idea …


Apparently there were a number of them made


I will tell you that putting something like antlers on their head makes them very angry. Butterscotch was very angry when we did this for my son’s graduation. He was small enough then that we could do it anyway, but now that he’s a full grown adult, you’re likely to get gored. And of course the rest of the herd tries to help by bashing the thing that is “clearly caught on his head” off. They get annoyed if I even just wear a baseball cap (they pull it off since they assume it must be caught on my head).


Did you look at the site further? They have goat therapy, goat hiking, a dress up party with goats and more!



Reading more it seems to be a surgical procedure on newborn goats so they would never know otherwise. However I would expect that the angora goats would be more laid back than your bunch, unless they just kept them drugged. I would certainly not wish to be head-butted by a unicorn.

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Yep. Goats are a big thing with folks from the suburbs here :slight_smile:

There’s a big deal Goat Yoga thing that takes over the center of a nearby town for a few different every summer and it sells out every session. I’d think you’d be losing your focus with a goat climbing all over you but I’m not a yoga guy. :man_shrugging:


They must have very different goats than ours goats. Doing goat yoga with our crew would be like volunteering to be a tackle dummy for a NFL front line… I guess when they were really little babies maybe, but Oreo is almost 30lbs now with sharp hooves. Wouldn’t want that pounding on my back.


Some folk do it laying on nails. Goats can’t be worse than a bed of nails unless of course they can plan better than nails,

I see my boys going “hold my beer!” I also want to know who gave my goats a beer?! I mean we could have saved a lot of money in WWII by dropping goats on the enemy rather than bombs, they would have not only knocked over the cities but stripped all the agriculture to bare dirt. And, as to my goats having a beer to hold, this is what happens when you give goats beer:

For those who can’t see the story there is a substory about a town in Tx (Lajita) who elected Clay Henry the goat as their mayor, and people found him quite friendly so would have a beer with him (I guess they decided to give him the beer too?) Anyway he became an alcoholic and ultimately got a in a fight to the death (which he lost) while in a drunken rage with his son over a female goat. And now his horns are mounted on the wall of the local bar.

And so died as a politician? Having the skulls mounted to hang over the bar would be an interesting tradition perhaps the ABA should start a petition?

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