Gobo Projector Disks

Has anyone made gobo slides for light projectors? We received extra blank HD glass disks (High Temperature Resistant Glass
Surface Coating: Plated Color), and are wondering if we can laser a design on them.

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Gobos? Wondering if you got autocorrected there.

I think people would probably need more information about the glass and the coating to have any useful input about lasering them directly. Do you have a link to the product?

Presumably, you would (alternatively) be able to cut a gobo insert out of some other material that could withstand the output of the projector bulb (LED?).

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Oh, that’s funny. Yes, Gobo!

I’ll inquire about the material.

We cut ours from a pie tin. I would guess the trick would be a setting to remove the finish, but not enough engrave the glass, that might cause distortion.


Material: High Temperature Resistant Glass

So, probably a borosilicate.

Surface Coating: Plated Color

LED, yes.

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What settings do you think?

I would sacrifice one with a few light passes, and ramp up from there.

I had a file where I masked a piece of sheet glass, and cut the mask and barely marked the glass. Unfortunately I do not have the file in my dashboard to grab the settings.

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What masking did you use?

I used transfer tape for vinyl lettering. But I was painting the glass. I don’t think you need it.

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This is what I was expecting when I read gobo.


If I understand what you’ve got correctly I would think the coating would laser off quite nicely. After all you can engrave glass, so I should think it would engrave through the coating layer.

I wonder if the engraving would leave it fuzzy or if that doesn’t matter because that’s not where the focusing takes place? You might need to score the edge of the same shape as the engrave so you don’t get lines left over from the engrave.


Good tip to add the score, that should sharpen up the edge.

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If you can ablate just the surface covering and avoid heat processing the glass much that would be awesome to take off a few microns or whatnot. When I tested boro shot glasses, it chattered something fierce (crazed and broken, although mostly still attached to the rest of the glass).

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Yes, I guess the key is what settings to use to laser through the coating without etching the glass.

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These products look interesting:

Probably could use the laser mark with uncoated glass disks.


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