Gold glitter cake topper

yes I was enthusiastic when I bought it but you could where the beam even bounced off to the side rather than cutting through on occasion that I gave up on it, I am just glad I did not try an engrave as a first try.

if you need more glue sticks — let me know when you come to town — I have a good handful of thick glue sticks that I am not using. I got “stuck” (pun intended) on Aquanet hairspray for the 3D printer and am not using glue sticks at all. Plus I just got in some black plastic spiral binding (same size as the white) and you can have some…along with that BBQ dinner promised ----

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How thick is this? I would like to make something similar — thanks for the settings, just wasn’t sure how thick it was to make sure I get the same thickness.

I think it was 1/4 “

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