Gold glitter cake topper

Finally got my new swapped forge after my other one was stock on calibrating and they couldn’t fix it remotely. So I started testing my new baby with a gold glitter acrylic cake topper for my mom’s 75th b-day. Glad I got my Dushi back lol


Nice work! Was the glitter on it before cutting? Or did you apply glitter afterward ?

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It’s a new acrylic type that Inventables are selling now with the glitter incorporated in them they have deferent colors in glitters now

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Oh cool! Thanks I wasn’t aware of that!

Nor was I, but some one posted on the fb group about a red glitter one and that’s how I found out

I have done some glitter stuff and have a caution.
If it is embedded and part of the material, you will probably be fine.
BUT, if it can flake or scrape off, prepare for ‘Attack Of The Glitter’ (a Tribbles Tale).

I had glitter sort of all over the house for a week or so and thought it was finally absorbed into wherever things go when absorbed.
Then I started noticing that sometimes an engrave would have a tiny glitter element in it, which of course prevents that location from looking like the rest since the laser seems to shine it instead of burn, and it gets worse once the glitter tribble is pried off (brown marker to the rescue).

So the main house may absorb the glitter eventually, but it will lurk inside your glowforge until the perfect moment to strike.

You are not prepared to win this fight…

Still → great looking topper and worth the chance.


Nice topper! :sunglasses::+1:

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The great thing is that the glitter is embedded in the acrylic so no mess at all love it! Also took of the plastic that came on it and replaced it with masking tape. And thanks for the advice will keep that in mind


Thanks @Jules

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I am not sure if I got the same thing but I bought the gold glitter from inventables and the bits of glitter are quite large and like the Baltic plycarp block the laser from cutting through. I use what was not ruined as photo background but is all but useless to try and cut. Perhaps they are still beta and making several varieties as others have not reported those problems.

Wow, that ought make a great impression! Love the glitter, and I’m glad you’ve got a working machine.


i’ve been testing out the glitter acrylic but have been getting sort of milky edges in the thinner parts of my design. have you noticed that at all? would you mind sharing your settings? i believe i used 115 speed/97 power (someone suggested that).

A lot of pizazz!

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I went to the office store to by some glue stick for my 3D printer. I was looking at all the glitter glues and glitter paints and was thinking I should buy some, but just couldn’t figure out why I would need them. Now I understand. Cake toppers! Great share.


Not sure if they send you a bad batch but I bought 2 sheet and so far so good. Unless your settings where not the right one cause the setting I´ve used did not give me any problem.

I also have made 20-1.5”x1.5” coins that i´m gonna use part of the invitations and all cut lovely still need to cut 20 more. I decided to use the red thick acrylic setting for all of them and that was by chance cause I saw that the acrylic was pretty thick. Here is a pic of the coin

just aded black acrylic paint after


Looking at the detail, especially your closeup the chips look much smaller and likely thinner as well,

But trying to cut through them is like cutting through the carp in Home Depot plycarp.

What color is that gold? Because if it is consider gold you can clearly see that is deferent than the one I have

Yes. It is and you can.

I can say don´t give up yet on buying them. Or try using the setting I used on mine and see what happen.