Gold Honeycomb Box

Another design I came up with, I absolutely love it. I love the interlocking cover. Included my prototype too. I’m realizing the GF likes pieces grouped by color so calibration stays in check.


That is beautiful! Did you use gold mirrored glass for the interior?


Thank you! Gold Acrylic!

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Sweet! I may have to design something similar for my father. He’s a beekeeper and we’re visiting him in a couple of weeks.


Very cool design!

What a great design! Love how the lid connections are integrated into the honeycomb! :grinning:

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Super cool design you have there and the gold acrylic looks great

Very nice looking! Can I ask about the size? It’s hard to tell… Did you cut all the sides in one “job” or were you able to make pieces fit “perfect” even though they were printed in separate jobs? ( What I’m wondering about is whether size/scale accuracy is high between separate print jobs. I’m thinking “yes” since the first project is the GF ruler… )

It’s 7" by 5.5" or so. Everything fit perfect, each panel with each cut out was grouped by color, I found that when it moved to the far left front corner, calibration would get messed up.

The gold acrylic makes it sweet as honey.

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Gorgeous! Very well done

Very nice!