Golden Girls Coasters

I was lucky enough to stumble across an amazing mid century Patio set on a local buy and sell and after bringing it home all I can think of is how much it reminds me of the golden girls so I decided to run with that theme and today made some Coasters for it on my glowforge. Acrylic & Walnut hardwood. I will do an epoxy coating on the coasters next.


I realize the photo doesn’t really show the TV is a tray to hold them :joy: i should have made it a tighter fit but since it’s a personal project I will let it slide. But they all fit inside the TV when not in use


Nicely executed! Did you create the images of the actresses? They really capture them!


This is so random and specific. Love it.


Thank you! I didn’t I downloaded them from an Etsy shop but they were :grimacing: not well done :rofl: so I ended up basically redoing them anyways which I was attempting to avoid. But they turned out in the end and that’s what’s important and it was still faster than me illustrating them :joy:


These are amazing, now I want to see this patio set too! With coasters in situ. Haha!

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What a fun project! They turned out fantastic!

Super cute!

So cute- the tv coaster holder is perfect!

Holy cow, this is phenomenal! Hahahaha

This is so amazing!! What program is best to turn photos into this type of file?

nice job! Please post pics once you put epoxy on them. Would love to see it.

Just a friendly reminder that asking for files is against forum rules. :slight_smile: In this case, since they’ve said the file was purchased, the OP could post the file source so you can buy your own licensed copy, if they’re so inclined.

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So awesome. I’m a GG fan. Love this!

What materials did you use to make the tv?