Golden Girls notebook

I made another notebook, this time for a friend of mine who has a weird Golden Girls obsession. This was done on non proof grade Birch, and you can see where the masking came up and got a little burn in on the left hand side. She also is a huge fan of the 1985 movie Clue, so there may be a customized board game in the future. What’s your favorite 1980s TV show?



Mad About You. I even have the song as my husband’s ringtone :smile: I heard there will be a reboot.

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Didn’t they actually live in Coral Gables? We were there for a swim meet a few years ago and that is when I started thinking about it. It was a beautiful area.

Shady Pines was the nursing home that burnt down so ma had to come stay with them


Very cute—love the font choices! Looking forward to the Clue game. With your 3D printer you can make custom game pieces.

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Good idea. She already has the Parker Brothers Golden Girls Clue game, so not sure she needs 2. I may just make the regular one so I have the template. :slight_smile: