Golden on Marble

A quick engrave with a krylon spray fill. Masked, engraved, painted, let sit for a couple mins, then remove masking.

It’s the logo for Pekay Golden Retrievers (click to see puppies!). About 2" edge to edge.

I think it would work better at larger sizes, the linework is a bit fine.


Nice! Marble tile?

N.M.—duh, just saw the title.


Nice quick piece. It does not have to be a large project to be a good project.


I love the little tiles. Engraving with a quick paint job can provide some quick joy.

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Very cool and I love the gold, it’s very cool. I need to branch out to different materials!

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I like it! So many things to try…

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What settings did you use? I tried something similar but it didn’t score at all.

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I don’t think he scored the marble tile. He engraved through a mask and then spray painted the image. Brilliant way to mark the materials the GF can’t cut.

Oh, the marble will definitely engrave, even if it takes a few passes at full power.