Golden ratio calipers

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Oh, I like what you have done with it!



Iā€™m just wondering if you ever checked these for accuracy because after I printed them exactly from your file, assembled with the correct size chicago screws, and they seem to be off by quite a bit: Measurement AB=4" BC=5.75" AC=9.75". That does not sound right to me.

I had not, but I got curious and checked. Yeah, they come in a little short consistently.
The actual ratio should be about 1.62, these are doing about 1.4-1.5.

Even though these are just for a SWAG* it is good to know this. Thanx.

If you need spot-on, Iā€™d suggest, like any calipers, getting a good set that will run you $70-80.

*scientific wild ass guess

I made my own, and added to your thread: Golden ratio calipers the plans

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