Golden ratio calipers the plans

If you need to check if something is at or about the golden ratio. If you don’t know what that is you don’t need these. :wink:

Cut the inner holes first then the outer outlines.
As you can see, I’ve done these in two different :proofgrade: materials so they should work in any of the 1/8" :proofgrade:

The basic shapes came from plans offered by King’s fine woodworking but I had to completely rework them for laser cutting.

I have included the Fusion file as well as an SVG so if you need to tweak the hole size or something.
I used 1/4" Chicago screws from Amazon.
golden ratio (597.8 KB)


It’s lovely even if I don’t need it! Thanks!


Make them and you will find a use for them. The golden ratio is everywhere and is naturally appealing.


My goodness but those are lovely

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Cool! Looks like the center-finder from way back when here on the forum.
Thanks Mark!

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Thanks for sharing

Wow those are really great :heart_eyes:

Sorry couldn’t resist…

I didn’t know what the Golden ratio was until a few days ago then I saw your post but without an explanation. It’s a 9 minute video but well worth the watch.


I have been looking for that center finder. Is it still up somewhere?

I couldn’t find it either…

Here you go. Our first public beta tester did these.

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Has anyone tried the linked golden ratio caliper plans? I’m unsure if the plans are off or if I am misunderstanding their purpose. I cut a set and tested it against various phi images including

It seems slightly off. Whipping out the measuring tape:
when the narrower side is 3", the wider side is approx 3.75" and if I am understanding phi right it would be approx 4.85"

I made this one, verified the geometry…

Click here or below:

Golden Ratio Caliper


Now I feel like making yours just to see. What did you use for pins?

Picture hanging nails with brass heads.

I printed mine quite a bit smaller than the SVG I uploaded, just to fit a scrap of chipboard I had next to the machine to test. The nails were a tight press fit.

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