Golden ticket and shipping info

My estimate date slowly crept backward from Dec 24 to Dec 4. I got the email on Nov 30, a couple of days early.

The actual shipping seems to be different than the pattern I’ve seen from others. I just received the shipping message from UPS and all three packages are being delivered tomorrow and Friday! I’m out of town, of course, and had the deliveries shifted to Monday.

Great news to see that everything is going to ship together.

Fingers crossed for a safe delivery.


Great, congratulations! :blush:


Due to seemingly unexpected extra supplies they decided to manufacture more Basics than Pros. So they didn’t have enough basic customers lined up already so there wasn’t as long a wait. I’m hoping that when they restart pro production that initial shipments will also whip out to begin with because maybe they held back notifying pro customers due to uncertainty in how long they were going to make more basics.

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That’s exciting!

So your ship date on your account is the day you will receive your e-mail… not your actually shipping date?


Thanks @Jules

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