Golden ticket email arrived


OK gang,

My day 27 Pro order email came today at about 5:45PM EST.

Go US!


Yay! Happy for you!




CONGRATS I’m the class of 27 too. :wink:


I wish people would just say the date instead of “day x”. I’ve never been able to figure out what day I am, am I missing some page that tells you? I’ve never understood why people (and glowforge) express it this way.

Soon to be irrelevant I suppose but it’s bugged me for literally years now.


I ordered on day 26, which was October 19th if that helps.

The shipping board spreadsheet also has the dates and order day.


I forget all the time too, so I saved my email receipt and the order day (Glowforge version) in Evernote so I can reference it whenever I forget.

Day 27 for me, btw. (Oct 20th order date)


Like most things related to marketing I’m sure it has everything to do with psychology. If GF says shipping Day 5 orders it it sounds a lot better than saying shipping orders from Sept 28,2015. Same information conveyed but with a little spin. Normal for every single company on the planet.

Sept 24th, 2015 was Day 1.