Golden Ticket in my email! Didn't notice it amongst my other emails until a day later

Oh Yeah!!! After 2 years and 3 months of waiting, my GF Pro will be here in just 6 short weeks!!! I can’t wait to laser something…anything!!


Chuckle! Probably sooner than six weeks - get your table ready and poke that vent hole. :smile:


I think you are correct Jules. I am sooo unprepared for my GF. I would have prepared months earlier for its arrival however, life has a way of throwing things at you that’s totally unexpected, and life changing, like a diagnosis of cancer. Having the Glowforge will certainly keep my mind busy, learning how to use it, and hopefully making something cool in the process. I see all the awesome projects that members have posted and I’m truly inspired now, to be part of that crowd. For now though, its one day at a time.

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Staying busy and keeping positive is a great prescription, and this will help with that. I certainly wish you the best of luck with it.

Looking forward to seeing the wonderful things you make. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine is arriving today by 13:30, can’t wait


I hope you got it!

Congrats, so exciting - 2 months for me, I don’t even know what a golden ticket is.

I did get it. They do exist and made my founder’s ruler, now comes more fun adventures

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Jbalmores Welcome to the cancer survivor club. I lost a kidney to cancer June 14th. Not yet received my shipping email, but indicators are by mid Feb. Never forget that every day is a gift! All the best.

Hang in there!! I hope your wait won’t be as long as mine was.

Thanks pb2u2!! This is one club I most definitely want to remain a member of!!! Hope you get your shipping email on time.

Jules is correct, mine arrived in exactly 4 weeks.