Just a quicky toss off. I did not realize it was plywood so I painted it 2 coats of White and one of gold. I was thinking that they would look nice as chrome paint but decided it was better that they be goldfish than silverfish.


That looks pretty cool!


yes, because silverfish be gross…:nauseated_face:


I tritto that. No silverfish. :rofl:
(Gold is great…had you thought about using actual gold leaf? They sell these little kits at craft stores…you paint the base kind of a rusty red color, then apply sizing and lay a leaf of gold on it. Bet it would look stunning.)


I had not but will now getting it into all the deep places, and tricky corners might be tricky, but I should pick up some . I have seen references since enamel days, most stunning I think would be to paint with that electrically conductive paint and do some real gold plating, but that rabbit hole is a way down the road with so many more in the way before I get there…


You use a little soft brush to push it down into the crevices with a pouncing motion. And it is supposed to crease and let the paint underneath show through…it gives it an antiqued effect that’s really nice.

Give it a try, it’s easy and you might like it a lot. (And cheaper than actual electroplating.)


Yes as I mentioned more rabbit hole than I can manage with all the others but that electrically conductive ink they use for LEDs could be really awesome on engraved stuff as only that would plate out.

Mercury gilding would look better but be way too horrid to do.


Made for an interesting piece.