Goldilocks tags

So in the winter you end up swapping blankets on your horse frequently as the temperature fluctuates. And to be honest they’re all remarkably similar so we needed som tags for luna’s blankets.

I actually did the tags using premium as opposed to my usually using illustrator mostly because I was standing next to the Glowforge when my daughter asked to the tags.


Great use! No riding for us in MO…-6 and still snowing :flushed:


I’m in South-Central Texas, and it’s currently 15º warmer in Anchorage, Alaska than it is here. Also I’m betting their power grids don’t fail when it gets cold!


That is an awesome practical cut!

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Luna is one lucky horse!!

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Sounds like it’s all-three-blankets weather.

Winter has definitely arrived in New England.

Its mother will be along shortly.

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I’m afraid the number of coats I would need, my horse wouldn’t be able to carry me:-) HOWEVER!! It’s supposed to be 60 next Tuesday!

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Once in a blue moon I ride with a quarter-sheet (if it’s really cold). The biggest problem I have with cold is that Luna is so used to overheating that she speeds up realizing that she’s going to be fine. So a cold day is a zoomie day! But in their stalls obviously they all get blankets. Recently where then nights have been single digits they get a warm fleece under blanket and a tough heavy outer (Since they all insist in rolling in their blankets)

The best part of Luna in her coat is when my hands get cold, I take my gloves off and shove them down the neck hole and it is so insanely warm in there!


I make a tag for each puppy when they go to their new families and I have gotten to where I use the premium fonts for all of them. Quick and painless.


Of course my wife wanted a set for her pony Bella, but she wanted smaller tags. So had to shorten the words

I installed them today after our ride in the snowy woods. You can’t see the heavy tag on her inner blanket.